Rust Prevention Products for Various Metal Surfaces


VCI Rust Treatment manufactured by Magna Chemical Canada Inc. is specifically designed to address issues of surface rusting on metal. Each product comes with VCI inhibitors to provide outstanding protection against corrosion. Magna VCI Rust Treatments are versatile and easy to apply.

VAPPRO 810G is a viscous gel that effectively removes rust, stains and tarnishes from multi-metal surfaces. It leaves a thin film of protection on the metal surface which prevents flash rusting after applying the VCI Gel.

Magna's VAPPRO 811G is a rust and scale remover. It removes calcium and magnesium scale on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is not flammable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. As well, VAPPRO 811G is 100% organic and biodegradable.

Our third VCI Rust Treatment product is VAPPRO 887 MAGTAN. VAPPRO 887 MAGTAN is a rust converter. It stabilizes firm rust by converting it to a more stable form of iron. It is non-toxic and versatile for any industrial application.