Why Use BAC-OFF Hand Sanitizer?

Moisturizing - Non-Sticky Fast Drying

BAC-OFF Hand Sanitizer

BAC-OFF is a premium-grade liquid-based hand-sanitizer. Designed with simplicity in mind, BAC-OFF kills germs with 3 simple ingredients: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Water and Essential Oils - that's it! No harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients typically found in conventional hand sanitizers. It's also fortified with quality essential oils to help keep your hands feeling fresh and hydrated. It dispenses evenly in a fine mist which makes it a cleaner alternative to messy gel hand sanitizers.


Studies on the efficacy of liquid vs gel hand sanitizers found that liquid formulas act faster, at a rate of about 15 seconds, whereas gel sanitizers require around 30 seconds to kill germs. It's also been noted that liquid hand sanitizers dry quicker and leave less residue on skin.