Lupromax-EA Engine Oil Additive

Exposed engine head with Lupromax EA engine oil additive

Overview of Lupromax-EA Engine Oil Additive

Lupromax-EA is a premium quality engine oil additive that contains metal conditioner properties. Most importantly, it combines to work with the engine oil's lubrication elements. As a result, it protects engine wear, increases gas mileage and decreases engine noise and therefore, is a superior engine oil additive.

The success of conventional lubricating oils depends upon maintaining a high film strength oil barrier between two moving surfaces. The resistance to the movement of these surfaces is defined as friction. Friction results in the metal surfaces sliding and rolling and therefore, causes the shearing action of a lubricant attempting to separate the two surfaces. As a result, hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, and boundary lubrication occurs in virtually all mechanisms but most commercial lubricants are capable of performing reasonably well.

Micorscopic diagram of two metal surfaces and Lupromax EX protecting surfaces during friction

Lupromax-EA takes normal lubrication a step further than commercial lubricants because it not only has superior film strength but it also impregnates the steel surfaces metallurgically. Because of its Heat Activated Technology (HAT), Lupromax-EA makes it one of the most advanced engine oil additives on the market today.

Types of Lubricant

The majority of lubricants are either mineral (paraffin, naphthene, and asphalt), synthetic (esters and polymers), solids (graphite, molybdenum disulfide, and Teflon), or greases (oils with various organic or inorganic thickeners). Several additives are available for these products such as corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents, de-emulsifying agents, etc. For example, modern engine oils usually contain 8 -10 different additives. Therefore these additives account for 10% to 20% of the volume and the balance being refined petroleum or synthetic oil.

Lupromax-EA Engine Oil Additive

Lupromax-EA is a Premium Quality Engine Oil Additive with a metal conditioner designed to provide excellent engine lubrication. As a result, it protects engine components from wearing prematurely and it also maximizes horsepower.

Lupromax-EA meets U.S. military specification MIL-I-46152B. It has the approved Nato Stock Number # 9150-32-078-8661.

Lupromax-EA features the following benefits:

  1. Reduces engine wear up to 50%
  2. Reduces carbon emission
  3. Reduces electrical amperage of drive
  4. Reduces fuel consumption
  5. Increases and stabilizes compression
  6. Maximizes engine power
  7. Extends oil change intervals

Product Description

Lupromax-EA is a proprietary engine oil additive containing Heat Activated Technology (HAT). Lupromax-EA concentrate has numerous properties that, when mixed with oil-based fluids, make it a very versatile additive for lubrication applications. It does not clog oil filters. It is non-particulate, safe and environmentally friendly. 

Two scientists in a lab testing properties of Lupromax EA engine oil additive