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Brief Product Description

Biozymes enzymatic cleaners are a green cleaning solution for all organic and inorganic waste-related applications. Biozymes is a line of innovative microbial cleaners consisting of a unique blend of enzymes producing microbes that provide effective cleaning and odor control. These synergistic blends of microorganism formulated products are fortified with carefully selected biodegradable surfactants that offer exceptional cleaning power to make cleaning a breeze.

The accelerated enzymatic degradation of Biozymes enzymatic cleaners allows multiple spore blends to work faster and more effectively. Its superior germination and outgrowth result in increased bacterial activity in a wide variety of organic waste applications. The enhanced aerobic and anaerobic performance of Biozymes makes the product ideal for applications that are subjected to aerobic and anaerobic environments. It provides rapid cleaning action, eliminates odors quickly and effortless organic removal. Biozymes enzymatic cleaners come in a variety of forms and are developed for specific field applications.

Biozymes 1010 Bathroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator consists of a synergistic blend of selected Bacillus microorganisms that provides exceptional cleaning performance. This product is suitable for both residential and industrial applications as it provides a safe natural solution for many types of organic waste, stain problems and especially bathroom odors. Biozymes 1010 can be also be used as a urinal drip. This product is designed to be used as neat.

Biozymes 1025 Cleaner and Odour Eliminator is a unique blend of bacterial cultures, biodegradable surfactants and odour modifiers that provides exceptional control over a wide range of organic waste odours. Biozymes 1025 surfactants provide remarkable cleaning power to remove tough dirt, grime, and problematic organic stains to name a few. It breaks down organic wastes including proteins, starches, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and grease. In addition, the blend of bacterial cultures in the formula provides residual cleaning downstream.

Biozymes 1030 Grease Trap and Drain Opener enzyme cleaners provide effective cleaning and odor control for drains and grease traps in an environmentally responsible manner. This product has a neutral pH and it is safe to use and easy to apply. Biozymes 1030 opens up drains fast and effectively. It has long-lasting odor control with a gentle pleasant fragrance.

Biozymes 1040 RRS effectively removes calcium, rust, scale and scum stains off toilet bowls, showers, sinks, bathtubs, and other hard surfaces. It can be diluted with water and used for cleaning appliances layered with hard water stains or calcium buildup. Biozymes 1040 RSS is free of conventional solvents and acids. It is high in performance, biodegradable and safe for the environment. Its quick cleaning action properties make cleaning tasks effortless.

Biozymes 1050 Industrial Grade Degreaser biological formulation provides optimum cleaning power for hard surfaces contaminated with petroleum-based stains. Biozymes 1050 will clean and break down a wide range of hydrocarbons including benzene, diesel, gasoline crude oil, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene. It is suitable for use to clean parking lots, drive-thru lanes, garages, gas stations, petroleum processing plants, warehouses and on other surfaces contaminated with petroleum distillate based products.

Biozymes 1065 Septic Fizzy Tabs is a ready-to-use fizzy tablet that accelerates organic waste degradation in residential septic systems and commercial wastewater facilities. Biozymes 1065 is selectively adapted spores and vegetative micro-organisms with an exceptional ability to accelerate the breakdown of difficult to degrade organic compounds in aerobic and anaerobic environments. The micro-organisms are blended based on each strain’s enzymatic activity against substrates such as fats, oils, grease, protein, starch, and carbohydrates. The combined cultures promote enhanced cell growth, germination rate, and effectiveness over a wide range of organic substrates. It contains micro-nutrients that accelerates the breakdown of organic waste.   

Biozymes 1070 Septic Waste Degrader is ready to use a bacteria powder formula that helps accelerate organic waste degradation in residential septic systems as well as commercial wastewater treatment plants. It helps keep septic systems trouble-free, improves biological stability, eliminated organic waste build-up odor and reduces the frequency of pumping of septic systems.

Biozymes 1080 Bio-Lift is formulated for the bioremediation of soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons and refinery chemical wastes. It is applied directly to the contaminated ground with any appropriate fertilizer or seed spreading equipment and then, mix the product thoroughly into the soil. Biozymes 1080 Bio-Lift is suitable for use on both C10-C40 short-chain and long-chain hydrocarbons such as toluene, benzene, gasoline, diesel, crude oil, xylene, and others.

Biozymes 1082 Bio-Stimulant & Dispersant is an extracted plant-based biosurfactant. It has excellent dispersing power that is non-toxic which makes the product a great alternative to synthetic-based surfactants and dispersants. It can be sprayed directly on to oil slicks, oil spills, on contaminated soil and other surfaces. It accelerates the process of biodegradation in hydrocarbon-contaminated soil. It works on shoreline hydrocarbon deposits and submerged oil spills.

The applications of Biozymes enzyme cleaners also include industrial wastewater treatment, sewer treatment plant, oil field soil remediation, restaurants, and institutions. Biozymes enzymatic products are high in performance, easy to apply, environmentally safe and user-friendly.

The components of Biozymes enzyme cleaners are listed on the Canadian Domestic Substance List (DSL). Biozymes enzyme cleaners are green solutions for today's fragile environment.