VCI Masterbatch


Vappro VCI Masterbatch


VAPPRO 1000 VCI Masterbatch is manufactured in both a PE resin form and a liquid form. As a result, both the resin and liquid forms of the Masterbatch provide excellent corrosion protection for multi-metals. 

The PE resin form is used in the plastic extrusion industry to produce film products such as sheeting, bags, tubing and shrink wrap. As a result, these superior films are in wide use in the automotive, mining, forestry, electronics and packaging industries.

VAPPRO 1000 VCI Masterbatch additive is encapsulated in linear low-density polyethylene resins. Our Masterbatch contains a proprietary VCI compound and provides superior corrosion properties in PE film. Its superior formulation is for the corrosion protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With its unique qualities, it provides corrosion protection for up to 36 months.

With the introduction of VAPPRO 1000 VCI Masterbatch, VCI films can be produced at a very competitive price anywhere in the world. VAPPRO 1000 VCI Masterbatch is 100% Nitrite free. It is safe to use. It also conforms to British Test Method BSI IEC 68-2-30:1980 and to MIL-STD 3010C.

Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch contains a proprietary formulation anti-corrosion additive for the production of Film products.

The unique formulation in Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch provides superior corrosion protection on multi-metals.

The additive in Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch has a broad spectrum of formulation applications. It is currently used to produce bags, shrouds, tubing film, UV-film and sheeting films. Also, depending on the resin carrier, Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch can also be used in producing Blown Stretch Film, Shrink Film, Corrugated Plastic Containers, Injection Molded Parts, and VCI Foam and Bubble Wrap.

Our Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch is 100% NITRITE FREE.


Vappro Masterbatch Machine

Extrusion Recommendations

The extrusion temperature should be under 430°F. We also recommend only virgin resins for the production of VCI film. The let-down rate of Vappro 1000 VCI Masterbatch is 6% by weight. 

Once it is thoroughly mixed, place the mixture into the hopper of the extruder for extrusion into the film. If necessary modifications can be made to provide additional properties such as UV, Anti-Static and so forth. 



Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid is specifically developed to create kraft paper and corrugated cardboard for the packaging industry. Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid is a water-based VCI Masterbatch liquid coating. It has excellent corrosion protection properties for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid is user-friendly and environmentally safe. It does not contain any heavy metals or emits any VOC emissions that are common in petroleum-based products.

Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid gives unique VCI anti-corrosion properties to the packaging. As a result, the packaging protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. Consequently, the use of oils and greases on the metal parts are not necessary.

Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid resists corrosion for up to 24 months in an indoor environment. Along with the Masterbatch resin, Liquid Masterbatch is 100% NITRITE FREE

Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid is a clear Liquid Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate. Its special formulation impregnates and coats kraft paper and corrugated cardboard.

Therefore this liquid corrosion inhibitor is highly effective in providing corrosion protection on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Vappro 2200 MBL VCI Masterbatch Liquid is 100% free of nitrites, amines or heavy metals.

As a result, it is a value-adding product for commodity kraft paper and for corrugated cardboard boxes.


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