Female Janitor using Magna Industrial Cleaning Products

Industrial Cleaning Products & Maintenance Products

Magna’s Industrial Cleaning Products & Maintenance Products have been designed for the Automotive, Industrial and Hospitality Industries. Some of our Industrial Cleaning Products are M-100 Hard Surface Cleaner; M-106 Alkaline Degeaser; Magna Grime Buster Waterless Hand Cleaner; M-240 Window Cleaner; M-340 Pine Cleaner; M-430 Carpet Shampoo; Aluminum Cleaner Brightener; Maxi-Foam high pressure car shampoo; Magna Wash & Wax Car shampoo and Magna De-Carb extra heavy duty degreaser,

In addition we also manufacture a light gel rust remover known as Magna Rust Buster for removing heavy industrial rust applications. Recently we have added yet another amazing environmentally friendly product known as Enviro-Rust Treatment which is tough on rust but extremely gently on hands. In most cases the residual waste water can be dispose in sewer system. You will have to try this product to see the magic of this product for yourself.

Our Industrial Cleaning Products are chemically engineered for superior performance. They are concentrated and extremely cost effective per use. Magna's Industrial Cleaning Products are user and environmentally friendly.


Magna Industrial Cleaning Products

Magna M-100

Magna M-100

Magna M-100 Hard Surface Cleaner is an alkaline-type detergent that emulsifies, absorbs and removes the toughest of greases and oils.

Magna M-100 Hard Surface Cleaner removes stains on carpets, fabrics, clothes, ceramics, walls, chrome, countertops, appliances, vinyl, enamels, floors, showers and so much more.

Magna M-100 Hard Surface Cleaner removes grit and grime from metal walls and ceilings.

 Magna M-100 Hard Surface Cleaner is used in Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Dormitories, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Auto Truck Shops, Metal Working Shops, Mines, etc.


Magna M-106

Magna M-106

Magna M-106 Alkaline Degreaser is a powerful liquid degreaser made of water-soluble solvents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents. 

Magna M-106 Alkaline Degreaser combines maximum degreasing effectiveness with minimum hazard – and one with anti-corrosion properties.  

Magna M-106 Alkaline Degreaser is non-explosive can be heated without danger.  It is absolutely free from fire-risk under all practical conditions.

Magna M-106 Alkaline Degreaser does not emit overpowering fumes like chlorinated solvents, is not highly volatile and evaporates very slowly, giving off mild vapors.


Magna Decarb

Magna DeCarb

Magna DeCarb is a safe and powerful Industrial Grade Liquid degreaser made up of water-soluble solvents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents.

Magna DeCarb combines maximum degreasing power with minimum hazard, and with anti-corrosion properties.

Magna DeCarb is non-explosive and can be heated without danger. It is absolutely free from fire risk under all practical conditions.

Magna DeCarb is a very effective multi=purpose cleaner and degreaser.


Magna Citra-Solv Degreaser

 Magna Citra Solv Degreaser is a highly concentrated solvent cleaner and degreaser used in mining, road paving, automotive, shipyards, oil rigs, machine shops, and industrial cleaning applications.

Magna Citra Solv Degreaser is also extensively used in Parts Degreaser Machines.

Magna Citra Solv Degreaser penetrates the most stubborn grease, oil, and stains. 




Hand Cleaners

Magna Grime Buster

Magna Grime Buster

MAGNA GRIME BUSTER is a premium grade, and highly effective, waterless hand cleaner. Its opaque gel has been formulated using hard-working surfactants, mild solvents, and a superior blend of skin conditioners.

GRIME BUSTER will clean the most stubborn dirt while softening and conditioning the skin.  And its bacterio-static agents retard the growth of skin bacteria.

GRIME BUSTER works equally well when used with water. Features a pleasant fragrance, skin-conditioning emollients, and absolutely no harsh solvents.  Leaves no tacky residue on the skin.

GRIME BUSTER safely and effectively removes grease & oil, printer’s ink, rubber cement, dirt & grime, shoe polish, cosmetics, carbon, lipstick, adhesives, paint, dyes, tar & asphalt, graphite, shellac, and much more!

Available with, or without, pumice, in standard sized 2L canisters. Also available in 20L Pails.




All Purpose Cleaners

Magna M-240 Window Cleaner

Magna M-240 Window Cleaner

Magna M-240 Window Cleaner is a clear blue cleaner for windows, mirrors, porcelain, chrome surfaces and glazed tiles. 

Magna M-240 Window Cleaner is economical and works instantly and effectively, even in dilution.  

Magna M-240 Window Cleaner is great for use in public washrooms, kitchens and vehicle interiors, as well as anywhere porcelain or chrome is found. 


Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner

Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner

Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner is a natural product and does not contain synthetic ingredients such as chlorinated phenols. It 

Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that also acts as an effective disinfectant against disease-producing bacteria.  

Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive and it will not negatively affect metal, cloth or emulsions.

Magna M-340 Pine Cleaner can be used in hospitals, public places, washrooms, restaurants, pet quarters and food processing plants.


Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo and Spot Remover

Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo & Spot Remover

Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo & Spot Remover is a special style of carpet shampoo, formulated specifically for use with steam-cleaning and water-extraction units.

Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo & Spot Remover is very effective for technical shampooing applications.

Magna M-430 Carpet Shampoo & Spot Remover with hot water extraction equipment offers the operator the following advantages.


Magna Tropical Garder Air Freshioner

Magna Tropical Garden Air Freshener

Magna Tropical Garden Air Freshener refreshes and deodorizes stale air caused by the presence of decomposing organic materials and tobacco smoke.

Magna Tropical Garden Air Freshener propellants are ozone and environmentally friendly.

Magna Tropical Garden Air Freshener flower and fruit fragrance are gentle and long-lasting.



Automotive Cleaners

Magna Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener

Magna Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener

Magna Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener rapidly and effortlessly cleans and removes aluminum oxides, road film, diesel smoke residues, and other dulling films, from aluminum truck wheels, trailers and bodies. 

Magna Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener penetrates quickly through oxides, road film, and diesel smoke deposits, to dissolve and emulsify them so that they can be rinsed away.

Magna Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener rinsing agents provide a “sheeting” action for film-free rinsing that leaves surfaces dry streak-free.


Magna Maxi-Wash Car Shampoo-with Wax

Magna Maxi-Wash Car Shampoo With Wax

Magna Maxi-Wash Car Shampoo With Wax is a highly concentrated liquid formulation using powerful detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, water conditioners and rinse additives. 

Magna Maxi-Wash Car Shampoo With Wax will clean and dissolve grease, oils, road film, insect residues, smoke and soot stains. 

Magna Maxi-Wash Car Shampoo With Wax may be used for a wide variety of industrial and institutional applications. 


Magna Maxi-Foam Car Shampoo

Magna Maxi-Foam Car Shampoo

Magna Maxi-Foam Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated liquid specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with pressure washing equipment.

Magna Maxi-Foam Car Shampoo cleans and dissolves grease, oils, road film, insect residues, smoke and soot, and similar types of accumulated debris from automobiles, large and small transport trucks, trailers, buses, taxis, boats, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, planes, and farm equipment.

Magna Maxi-Foam Car Shampoo is safe enough to be used on glass, aluminum and most types of painted and finished metallic surfaces.