VCI Gun Cleaners

VAPPRO 9815 Gun Lube

Vappro 9815 Gun Lube anti-corrosion lubricant is a slightly viscous amber oil fortified with  VCI and an anti-oxidation inhibitor.

Vappro 9815 Gun Lube is ideal for use on small arms and artillery in all climate conditions.

Vappro 9815 Gun Lube does not attack plastic or rubber.



VAPPRO 9818 Gun Cleaner

Vappro 9818 Gun Cleaner is a revolutionary cleaning and anti-corrosion agent, which removes carbon, and light corrosion deposits while leaving behind a thin film of corrosion inhibitor that passivates weapons from corrosion.

Vappro 9818 Gun Cleaner is ozone and environmentally friendly cleaning agent. It enhances the operations-readiness of weapons, by providing optimum protection from corrosion.

Vappro 9818 Gun Cleaner was specially developed for the cleaning of small arms, automatic weapons, naval and aircraft weapons, before and after firing.



VAPPRO 819 Arm Guard

Vappro 819 Arm-Guard is a light brown thixotropic liquid with VCI corrosion inhibitors and oil-based or solvent based carriers.

Vappro 819 Arm-Guard is highly resistant to salt water and salt spray.

This makes Vappro 819 Arm-Guard particularly useful in military, marine, industrial, and off-shore rust proofing applications.

Vappro 819 Arm-Guard provides optimal corrosion protection for up to 10 years, for long term storage of small firearms.