Corrosion control for Marine Industry

Corrosion control for Marine applications from Magna Chemical Canada Inc. includes Cooling System Additives and VCI Additives for the engine and hydraulic systems. Vappro 747 is a VCI Scale Suppressant and Coolant Additive. Vappro 748 is a Water Treatment Corrosion Inhibitor Additive. Vappro 749 is a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. Corrosion Control for Marine engines includes Vappro 850 which is an oil additive. Vappro 851 in a fuel additive. For hydraulic systems, Vappro 852 is for hydraulic and transmission systems.

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Ship cooling systems

VAPPRO 747 VCI Scale Suppressant and Coolant Additive

VAPPRO 747 is a corrosion control, scale suppressant and coolant additive for closed-loop cooling circulating systems.

VAPPRO 747 is formulated with proprietary carboxylate compound and is compatible with all materials including aluminum, steel, copper and solder alloys.


Ship in dock

VAPPRO 748 Water Treatment Corrosion Inhibitor Additive

VAPPRO 748 is a yellow water-based free-flowing liquid that provides long-term protection of equipment against saltwater, brine, and other highly corrosive solutions.

VAPPRO 748 is also fortified with proprietary biocide for combating the growth of bacteria, algae, and slime.


corrosion control for oil drilling platform

VAPPRO 749 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

VAPPRO 749 is a water-based free-flowing liquid that provides long-term protection of equipment against saltwater, brine and other highly corrosive solutions containing dissolved sulfide and halogens.

VAPPRO 749 does not contain toxic substances like Chromate, Barium Bromate or any other type of Ozone-depleting substance. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.



VAPPRO 850 Engine Guard – Oil Additive

corrosion control for marine engine oil

VAPPRO 850 Engine Guard is a corrosion inhibiting additive for mineral-based lubricating and hydraulic oils.

VAPPRO 850 Engine Guard is a vapor corrosion inhibitor concentrate, which offers excellent corrosion protection for the interior surfaces of engines, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, and other lubricated equipment.

VAPPRO 850 Engine Guard’s vapor action will protect areas where the oil has been drained away during downtime periods or while equipment is being preserved.


VAPPRO 851 – Fuel Additive

corrosion additive for marine engine fuel

VAPPRO 851 Fuel-Cor is a premium quality blend of solvents and dispersant detergents, fortified with VCI for minimizing the effects of fuel instability caused corrosion in fuel systems.

VAPPRO 851 Fuel-Cor is an amber free-flowing compound developed to dissolve sludge, prevent fuel stratification in fuel tanks and protect fuel-systems from corrosion.

 VAPPRO 851 Fuel-Cor cleans and keeps the active fuel system clean while reducing black smoke by improving combustion.


VAPPRO 852 – for Hydraulic and Transmission Systems

marine transmission and hydraulic systems

VAPPRO 852 is a free-flowing colorless liquid specially developed to protect hydraulic and transmission systems from corrosion. Its proprietary amine compound offers excellent corrosion control for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

VAPPRO 852 performs effectively even under adverse conditions of very high relative humidity and in the presence of chlorides and sulfur compounds. It contains no hazardous chromates, nitrites or phosphates.

VAPPRO 852 enhances corrosion inhibition characteristics and does not cause any adverse effect on hydraulic hoses, seals or rubber components.